Doda Memorial Fund

Recently, a proposal for an upgraded and more permanent memorial structure was initiated by the LPCA Board of Directors and endorsed by the Doda family and other community members.

The memorial will consist of a large bronze plaque with facial images of both Victor and Shirley Doda, along with a description of their many long-lasting contributions to the Locust Point Community. The plaque will be mounted on a large stone marker and placed so that it will be visible to everyone entering or leaving Latrobe Park.

Anyone wishing to contribute toward the memorial can visit or send a check to: Victor Dada Jr. c/o Charles L Stevens Funeral Home, 1501 E Fort Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230. If your check is made payable to the Locust Point Civic Association and marked “Doda Memorial”, your contribution will be tax deductible. Mr. Doda will maintain a list of contributors and will see that the funds are used exclusively for the memorial.