Important Safety Alert for Pet Owners

Recently we have been made aware of a safety concern in the neighborhood. Here are the details:

• On the morning of Wednesday, July 2nd, red powder was identified along the curb and throughout the grass on the 1400 block of Lowman Street
• Authorities were called and the fire department inspected the area
• The powder was identified as chili powder – a highly irritable and potentially dangerous substance for pets
• Chili powder or cayenne pepper has the same effect on dogs as pepper spray has on humans: burn or irritate eyes, nose, throat and stomach and can cause burns to paws

There is concern that this was an intentional act to deter pet owners from walking their dogs on this grass. This grass is public property and so as long as pet owners clean up after their pet, there should not be any issue with using it.

Important reminders for pet owners:

• Be aware of surroundings when walking your pets
• Clean up after your pets
• Baltimore City requires dogs be leashed at all times – violators can receive a $100 citation
• Report anything suspicious to 911

Thank you for your time and please let us know if there is anything else we can do.