LPCA May Meeting Highlights

If you were unable to attend last night’s LPCA general meeting, here are some highlights:

Elections – a new slate of officers and board members were voted upon for the 2014-2016 term. The results include a mix of new and returning members. 

Officers include:
     President: Greg Sileo
     Vice President: Terry Hickey
     Treasurer: Laura McCoy
     Corresponding Secretary: Ginny Rajnes 
     Recording Secretary: Justin Grossman

Newly elected board members include: Will Jovel, Shannon Keeny, Monica Ott, John Shea, Harry Stinefelt, and Mathew Farcosky (1 year term).

Website – a soft launch of our new website was announced. We are continuing efforts to map the current URL to the new site, but in the interim, we encourage you to visit www.mylocustpoint.wordpress.com . We will continue to update the content and hope to complete the full transition throughout the next couple of months.

Parking – during the April meeting the Community voted to engage with the City to evaluate parking solutions in greater detail including permit parking for select areas of the neighborhood and the addition of angled parking. Steve Robinson from the Residential Parking and Permit program (RPP) has accepted our invitation to attend the next LPCA meeting to talk about the RPP process. A neighborhood-wide meeting will be scheduled this summer to provide information and facilitate a vote on whether to implement reverse angle parking in Locust Point. 

COP Walk – tonight (unless it is raining). Meet at 7:00 p.m. at Himalayan House on Fort Ave.

Minutes of last night’s meeting will be approved next month and then posted to the new website.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge our outgoing officers and board members for their years of commitment to the community – Victoria August, Peggy Flynn, Terri Harrington, Chris Ritsch, and Tony Vittoria.